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6 pc NGK V-Power Spark Plugs compatible with Chevrolet Impala 3.5L 3.9L V6 2006-2011

6 pc NGK V-Power Spark Plugs compatible with Chevrolet Impala 3.5L 3.9L V6 2006-2011

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REDUCE EMISSIONS AND MISFIRES: NGK spark plugs push the limits of performance and innovation. bringing the most advanced technology to today's high-efficiency engines. NGK spark plugs boost performance ensuring your engine runs at its best. The durable shell protects the spark plug from damage. ensuring a long spark plug life. The center and ground electrodes promote sharper spark focus for fewer misfires IMPROVE IGNITION AND SPARK EFFICIENCY: All NGK spark plugs employ advanced center and ground electrodes to produce complete and efficient combustion and deliver an outstanding spark for faster. stronger. and more powerful combustion. The damage-tolerant center and ground electrodes minimize spark gap growth and provide greater ignitability and spark efficiency. From the high-tech Ruthenium HX and Iridium to industry standard OE-style spark plugs. NGK drives the future of spark plug engineering RELY ON QUALITY IGNITION COMPONENTS: From their start in 1936 through today. the NGK product line is proof of their dedication to innovation. performance. and quality. In order to deliver high-quality spark plugs and oxygen sensors to the automotive community. NGK has partnered with auto manufacturers to engineer automotive parts that fit both the vehicles of today and of the future TRUST IN NGK NTK: Explore components built by the world leader in the design of spark plugs and oxygen sensors. Their attention to performance excellence is what has differentiated them from the competition and allowed them to be the number one supplier of spark plugs and oxygen sensors

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